• ...the Theatrical Exodus to the nature

  • is a redemptive process

  • liberating the human being

  • from the overloaded way of life

  • seeking his own ´katharsis"...


"AEGEAN EXODUS" is a cultural movement focuses its major objectives on the Aegean sea as well as on the Greek civilization. It was created in 1979 by Nikos Parikos and expands activities in all the sectors of art and civilization. The main focus of its action is the theater carrying the title "AEGEAN THEATRICAL EXODUS".
The core of its philosophy is the "exodus" of art in nature, the development of the popular tradition, the sensitization of the simple folk with regard to matters of civilization as well as their accession into the resourceful happenings of life and art. The "exodus" in the ancient Greek drama consists of the last part of the theatrical act where the catharsis, and the intellectual uplifting takes place.
AEGEAN EXODUS is attempting to achieve goals which arise from contemporary issues . It also tries to orientate the artistic creation towards this philosophical view. It is a cultural and peaceful exodus. The exodus of the human creation. The exodus of the universal and age-old values and the AEGEAN EXODUS.
The Aegean Theatrical Exodus has presented hundreds of theatrical performances at various intellectual and artistic happenings which have taken place in the islands, the islets and the rock islands of the Aegean sea as well as other areas in Greece. It has gone on circuits covering 300.000 maritime miles participating in great festivals in Athens, Salonica, Crete, Chalkidiki, representing Greece in international cultural meetings in France, Ireland, Spain and the USA.
The AEGEAN EXODUS is seated in the eastern Aegean sea and in Athens.


Workshop - master class 2011-05-12 10:33:56 Theme: Anciend Greek Drama Location: Island of Ikaria
Exposition 2011-05-12 10:34:25

The persons

Nikos Parikos
Nikos Parikos is the founder and the general manager of the AEGEAN EXODUS. He was born in the island of Ikaria. He has graduated the School of Physicomathematics and the School of Philosophy in Athens University. He has also studied Theater, Cinema and Television in Athens and in Paris. more...
Coworkers - Cooperations
The AEGEAN EXODUS has worked so far with 500 cultural organizations and 800 artists, scientists more...
Anna Perdreau
She is the major collaborator and the founding member of the AEGEAN THEATRICAL EXODUS. She designs and creates the costumes, the masks, the jewels of the performances by using various natural original materials. She paints, photographs and records the various cultural happenings of the theater which take place in the island and the rock islands of the Aegean Sea. She was born in Paris. more...

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